(CDMA 450 MHz antenna)

Preferred applications

- Communication in extremely weak CDMA signal conditions
- Use with CDMA modem/router as a donor antenna
- Use with longer cable

RF / Electrical specifications

Output impedance

50 Ω

Frequency range

440 - 470 MHz

Antenna gain

12,9 - 14,1 dBi

Beam width E


Beam width H


Directivity (front/back)

>25 dB


RG58LowLoss cable (other on request), connector types FME, SMA, TNC, N.
Antennas can be delivered without a cable, or with the attached cable and connector of any lengths and types.

Mechanical specifications

Antenna principle

10 element directional Yagi

Dimensions (length)

1700 mm


Gold anodized aluminium. A strengthened version with 12mm elements on metal fasteners. All elements are demountable for easy transportation and storage.