(3G 2100 MHz UMTS antenna)

Resulting in more stable signal a high gain antenna will provide you with higher data rates as your signal to noise ratio is increased, thus a better transfer rate can be achieved.

Preferred applications

- Communication improvement in weakened 3G signal zones
- Use with 3G repeater/router/modem as a donor antenna
- Data transmission and Internet access via 3G

RF / Electrical specifications

Output impedance

50 Ω

Frequency range

1900 - 2170 MHz

Antenna gain

11 - 13 dBi

Beam width E


Beam width H


Directivity (front/back)

>20 dB


Short low-loss cable with N female connector (other on request).

Mechanical specifications

Antenna principle

12 element directional antenna with openprinted dipole

Dimensions (length)

545 mm


Gold anodized aluminium.