(GSM 1800 MHz GPRS DECT antenna)

Preferred applications

- Communication improvement in weakened GSM 1800 MHz signal zones
- Use with GSM 1800 repeater/router/modem as a donor antenna
- Data transmission and Internet access via GPRS
- Point-to-point connection in microcellular DECT systems

RF / Electrical specifications

Output impedance

50 Ω

Frequency range

1710 - 1900 MHz

Antenna gain

11,8 - 14,3 dBi

Beam width E


Beam width H


Directivity (front/back)

>20 dB


RG58LowLoss cable (other on request), connector types FME, SMA, TNC, N.
Antennas are delivered with the attached cable and connector of any lengths and types.

Mechanical specifications

Antenna principle

12 element directional antenna with open printed dipole

Dimensions (length)

555 mm


Gold anodized aluminium.