Quality of materials and technology


We use multi-step quality control system. It means that every unit is checked several times in the process of production and special control operations are used on the final stage. Every time our customer is sure that he receives just what he ordered.

Directional antennas of Yagi type are the significant part of our catalogue. These antennas are made of anodized aluminum and zinc-plated steel so the effect of corrosion is minimized. The combination of these materials combined with durable plastic has proven itself over and over again in tests and practice. Antennas are light and easy-assembled without any special tools. During the production cycle each antenna comes through several quality control operations.

Another important part of our catalogue is formed by antennas of Patch panel type. These antennas are made of metal or printed elements covered with the ABS glass-filled UV protected radome. Antennas are designed for outdoor installation, they are weather resistant, compact in size, with adjustable mast clamps.